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I am Lynn Hasty, full-time artist and journal-maker living in North Carolina, and owner of A Bit of Birdsong. I’m very glad you landed here! You can find me on most social media platforms by searching for abitofbirdsong. The menu on this site will take you through various aspects of my art and life. You may also continue scrolling for more blog posts. Visit A Bit of Birdsong on YouTube for tutorials and artistic content. You may also want to check out my shop on Etsy.

Thank you for being here! xxLynn

2 thoughts on “Welcome to A Bit of Birdsong

  1. Hi Lynn! I was just reading my new copy of Art Journaling Magazine and your layout both inspired and excited me. I was also so happy to know that you live in Durham…so do I. I moved here from San Francisco a few years ago to be near my parents who retired here. I am a newbie to art/junk journaling and I am fascinated. I too am a self taught artist who, up to now, works as a painter in oils, watercolors & acrylics. I love your YouTube channel and just subscribed! How would I go about purchasing one of your journals? Do you have a store here in Durham? I would love to know more. You can see some of my artwork on Instagram @kimbyfaires. I now follow you on IG. I am obsessed with all things paper and love learning and viewing your videos. I put my website below but keep in mind it is currently under construction amd none of my original paintings are able to be seen at the moment. Have a blessed day!


    Kimby Faires
    Durham, NC

    1. Hi Kimby!! So nice to meet you! I think I followed you back on IG, but will make double sure that I did so! I am very glad we have located each other online. I love learning as well and am mad about all things paper! LOL What a life — paper and crafting. I’m very grateful you dropped by and left a comment. Let’s definitely keep in touch! Thank you for subscribing on YouTube!! xxLynn

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