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I’m Lynn Hasty, owner of A Bit of Birdsong. I’m so glad you landed here! There are many cool things on the site, so look around. Thank you for being here! xxLynn

2 thoughts on “Welcome to A Bit of Birdsong

  1. Hi Lynn! I was just reading my new copy of Art Journaling Magazine and your layout both inspired and excited me. I was also so happy to know that you live in Durham…so do I. I moved here from San Francisco a few years ago to be near my parents who retired here. I am a newbie to art/junk journaling and I am fascinated. I too am a self taught artist who, up to now, works as a painter in oils, watercolors & acrylics. I love your YouTube channel and just subscribed! How would I go about purchasing one of your journals? Do you have a store here in Durham? I would love to know more. You can see some of my artwork on Instagram @kimbyfaires. I now follow you on IG. I am obsessed with all things paper and love learning and viewing your videos. I put my website below but keep in mind it is currently under construction amd none of my original paintings are able to be seen at the moment. Have a blessed day!


    Kimby Faires
    Durham, NC

    1. Hi Kimby!! So nice to meet you! I think I followed you back on IG, but will make double sure that I did so! I am very glad we have located each other online. I love learning as well and am mad about all things paper! LOL What a life — paper and crafting. I’m very grateful you dropped by and left a comment. Let’s definitely keep in touch! Thank you for subscribing on YouTube!! xxLynn

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