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Sewing in 2-Page Signatures with a Sewing Machine!

Check out Birdsong's method for sewing 2-page signatures into a soft-spine journal with a sewing machine! 

Easy Boho Tassel Tutorial

Make your own beautiful Bohemian-style tassels.  Easy and quick tutorial.  

How to Make a Journal: Sewing in the Pages

This quick tutorial takes the fear out of sewing in a signature!  Don't be afraid to make your own one-signature journal and sew the pages in! 

Making Layered Tags with Ledger Paper, Text, and Images.

This combination of ledger paper, old text, images and postage stamps made for some gorgeous journal tags!  You can then easily scan them and make digital cards! 

Beautiful Layered Tags using Old Bobbin Covers

After finding a huge lot of vintage paper bobbin covers, I was inspired to make some layered journal tags. 

Journal Cards from Card Catalog Cards

This tutorial shows a super fun way to made journal pockets from old card catalog cards, and have some awesome little tags to boot!  

Making Ornaments from Slide Mounts

Don't know what to do with all those old slide mounts?  Here is a fun way to use them up! 

How to Make a Fabric Prayer Journal

During a sad time in my creative journey, I sat down and put together a tiny fabric prayer journal.  It turned out so sweet!  I have had several requests for a tutorial.  I am happy to share that tutorial here!  

Made Your Own Storage Box for Tags

Using some small boxes I found, I created a beautiful storage chest for little tags.

Make Your Own Valentine's Cards

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays!  So beautiful, so Victorian, so wonderful!  It's a great time to be creative and use up that pink and red stash!