Victorian Girls collage sheet

Just a few images put together for a journal. Feel free to use in your personal projects. I’ve shared the names on the photograph of four girls, hoping it helps with genealogy. The Cousins: Edith Houghtelin Field (daughter of Adelaide), Lois Buck (daughter of Carrie), Margaret McMillan (daughter of Oscar), Eva Drum? Hines (daughter of […]

Collage of Free Vintage Images

These are some pictures and images I’ve collected over time. They are so nice for cutting out and using in junk journal projects or other craft projects. I had hoped at some point to make some fun homemade playing cards with these. Ahhh, so many projects. Feel free to print and use these. xxLynn

Young Bride a Wreath for Thee

I adore this beautiful old book page. She is so pretty and the dress is gorgeous. It looks celestial. I have no idea what book or time this is from, although I do think it is out of copyright. However, I am not 100% sure. If you have information, please feel free to share it! […]