Victorian Death Photos

I have had this photo in my collection for a long time. Sometimes I think the child was alive and well in the photo but other times I have felt like it was a death photo and the child was deceased. It was definitely a Victorian custom to take pictures of the dead to remember […]

Victorian Fashion

I was recently gifted some beautiful old fashion prints from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Feel free to use these images as they are most definitely beyond copyright. I’ve created a collage page below of nine images for printing out and making journal cards or other crafts. Feel free to use. xxLynn

Victorian Girls collage sheet

Just a few images put together for a journal. Feel free to use in your personal projects. I’ve shared the names on the photograph of four girls, hoping it helps with genealogy. The Cousins: Edith Houghtelin Field (daughter of Adelaide), Lois Buck (daughter of Carrie), Margaret McMillan (daughter of Oscar), Eva Drum? Hines (daughter of […]