Victorian Death Photos

I have had this photo in my collection for a long time. Sometimes I think the child was alive and well in the photo but other times I have felt like it was a death photo and the child was deceased. It was definitely a Victorian custom to take pictures of the dead to remember […]

Vintage photo — 3 people by an old car

One of the things I love about my job (I process donated paper items for a large reuse center) is getting to see old photos. Sometimes I take a photo of the photo to share with you! This photograph is just so wonderful! The old car, the colors and pattern in her dress. It’s perfect. […]

Victorian Vintage Photos

I have some beautiful cabinet cards to share with you! What gorgeous photos! Feel free to use. And hopefully this will help someone with their family history. xxLynn The two little girls are unknown; however, the photo with the four grown girls has a lot of information on the back. The photograph with the four […]