Extra Large Junk Journal (SOLD)

Hey, everybody. I recently sold some junk journal kits. I always try to keep one for myself, just to make sure the kits are usable, and also to share some inspiration with you fellow junk-journal makers! I love the way this very large junk journal turned out. It is about 9-1/2 x 12 inches. There […]

Just Another Journal Cover

Do you enjoy making journal covers? I do! I sometimes go all out, and sometimes do something simple. Whatever the case, I know each journal will end up filled with all sorts of good stuff to fill it out. I remember these journal covers were prompted by simply wanting to use up some old quilt […]

Big Blue

Challenge yourself to dive into a color you seldom use! You may just fall in love. I didn’t really use a lot of blue in my art work until I created a large journal called “Big Blue.” It was a personal challenge to bring blue into my artwork. Now I use blue on a regular […]