A Grungy Style Junk Journal

The grungy style is one of my absolute favorite styles to use when creating my art journals. This journal was recently sold, but I wanted to remember every page. This journal has lots of layers, lots of little drawings and grungy marks; it’s a favorite. In my own grungy junk journal creations, I like to […]

Cherub Art Journal (SOLD)

This journal has 9 signatures, making 18 pages or 36 counting front and back. All paper is heavy watercolor paper so that you can easily do art in this journal! Expand on it by attaching additional fold-out pages with masking tape, fabric or paper. Each page is about 9 x 6; journal is about 10 […]

Extra Large Junk Journal (SOLD)

Hey, everybody. I recently sold some junk journal kits. I always try to keep one for myself, just to make sure the kits are usable, and also to share some inspiration with you fellow junk-journal makers! I love the way this very large junk journal turned out. It is about 9-1/2 x 12 inches. There […]

Just Another Journal Cover

Do you enjoy making journal covers? I do! I sometimes go all out, and sometimes do something simple. Whatever the case, I know each journal will end up filled with all sorts of good stuff to fill it out. I remember these journal covers were prompted by simply wanting to use up some old quilt […]

Big Blue

Challenge yourself to dive into a color you seldom use! You may just fall in love. I didn’t really use a lot of blue in my art work until I created a large journal called “Big Blue.” It was a personal challenge to bring blue into my artwork. Now I use blue on a regular […]