Window on the Farm junk journal (SOLD)

This journal is about 6 x 10 inches. Cover is heavy paper with fabric sewn inside. The journal is very grungy, bound with 3-hole pamphlet stitch. Fabric piece on front is a colorful farm image. Has paper tag that says “Window on the Farm.” Binding cords have glass beads. Inside top pocket. Rusty washer. There […]

Scrappy Junk Journal (SOLD)

Hey, friends! A couple of days ago, Jason and I visited a reuse/thrift store where I love to shop for materials for my artwork. I came home with an armload of scrappy trims and fabrics. Some of this was upholstery fabric. Some of this was scrappy pieces of trim. It’s always so much fun to […]

“Rose No. 32” art/junk journal (SOLD)

This beautiful romantic journal is covered in layers of cotton fabric, rose-covered fabric, bits of lace trim, all sewn over a file folder for some stability. There is one signature, bound in with two sets of cord, a very simple 2-hole stitch. There are four fun beads on the binding cord. The signature contains 17 […]

Journal No. 45 (SOLD)

“Journal No. 45” is the name of this adorable art/junk journal. It measures about 6 x 8 inches. Cover is made from a file folder that has fabric from a scarf from India and on the inside some vintage rose-covered cotton fabric. Cotton fabric covered elastic piece with vintage velvet leave makes a sweet closure […]

“Denim Trip” Art/Junk Journal (SOLD)

This very fun, handmade journal has a soft denim cover, upholstery trim around the edge, bright fabric pieces for decoration, two inside pockets, and my fabric stamp on the back. A cotton fabric covered piece of elastic with floral decoration makes a closure that you can slip over the journal. Two safety pins on front […]