Looking Back

I was going through some old photos on my computer this morning. Sigh. What wonderful memories! These pictures are from around 2017. I do adore my Jason.

My eyes want to kiss your face.
I have no power over my eyes.
They just want to kiss your face.
I flow towards you out of my eyes,
A fine heat trembles round your shoulders,
It slowly dissolves your contours
And I am there with you, your mouth
And everywhere around you –
I have no power over my eyes.

(The Lover by Solveig von Schoultz)

Sitting on the couch together.
Sitting on the couch with Amelia.
Vlad and Lucy in my old apartment. They both live here now.
Vlad and Lucy are litter mates, together always.
Early spring 2017 at my mom’s house.
We were watching Jason’s drone go up.

It is sometimes nice to look back, but we cannot GO back. All we can do is carry with us the beautiful memories that are part of who we are right now. I can say that sometimes looking back makes me want to take better care of myself and cherish every single moment in the here-and-now.