Dream Journals

For years, my dreams had disappeared. I used to dream vividly, and then I looked forward to processing the details each day, or laughing about a crazy dream, or writing things down from the dreams. For years now, however, I haven’t been able to recall even a fragment of a dream.

A healer and life coach I have been chatting with, in anticipation of enrolling in one of her intensive healing workshops, told me that we sometimes suppress things like memories, and even dreams, until we are ready to heal. I am ready to heal.

My dreams have come back. Sometimes they are long and detailed and include themes that confirm to me I am processing pieces of the hurt and abuse. Some are technical and boring. Some are hilarious!

I recently made a few dream journals. They are all sold except the one I kept for myself, but I wanted to share what the beautiful covers looked like. The photo on the cover was printed on fabric. It is a photo by Charles Dodgson, a.k.a. Lewis Carroll, of Irene MacDonald.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.