“Denim Trip” Art/Junk Journal (SOLD)

This very fun, handmade journal has a soft denim cover, upholstery trim around the edge, bright fabric pieces for decoration, two inside pockets, and my fabric stamp on the back. A cotton fabric covered piece of elastic with floral decoration makes a closure that you can slip over the journal. Two safety pins on front trim (be careful!). Journal is about 7 x 10 inches. There are 18 folded pieces of paper, bound in with 3-hold pamphlet stitch. This makes 36 pages, or 72 if you count every page front and back. There are 3 ceramic bead charms on the outside. Comes with a paper tag with its name “Denim Trip.”

There are more details on my YouTube Channel. I will include the link below. There are also lots of fun junk journal and art journal ideas on my channel!

Thank you so much for supporting small businesses and artists like myself. I am forever grateful! xxLynn

You can see a full flip-through of the journal on my YouTube channel A Bit of Birdsong.

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