DIY Art Journal Free Images

Hello, friends. This page of gorgeous images can be used for your personal art projects, but if you’d like to create your own DIY art journal, I have an entire video series of art journal tutorials using this sheet. Image credits: 1. Journalist, Lillian Parker Thomas, courtesy of Library of Congress “changemaker” photographs. 2. […]

The Butterflies

For the longest time, I have wanted to go through my old CDs of pictures and re-post some of the photos I lost when my old AMJ (A Mother’s Journal) site was hacked years ago. I had many things on another website. Years of things, actually!! I had recorded a lot of garden progress and […]

Florence Home Needlework — 1800s Purses

Not too long ago I found some amazing old book pages. They are probably from the 1880s or 1890s, from a book called Florence Home Needle-Work. I love anything old, so that alone was enough for me to be drawn to these pages. However, in the past I have collected some vintage purses, and some […]

My 2021 Christmas — Handmade Book

Hello, friends! While I didn’t commit to a “December daily” this year, I do love getting out my Christmas fabrics, paper, and ephemera, and dreaming up a new journal or book. I originally considered keeping this handmade Christmas book for display, but I already have several Christmas books and journals that we have on display, […]

Cherub Art Journal (SOLD)

This journal has 9 signatures, making 18 pages or 36 counting front and back. All paper is heavy watercolor paper so that you can easily do art in this journal! Expand on it by attaching additional fold-out pages with masking tape, fabric or paper. Each page is about 9 x 6; journal is about 10 […]

Morgan le Fay

Morgan le Fay, or Morgan the fairy, is the focus on my journal for this October, 2021. I am building a page of all things Morgan le Fay. This page will grow throughout this month. I have already added a page that you can download and use for free in your journals. Don’t forget to […]

Happy Fall!

Hello, my friends! It feels good to be writing a blog post here. I have spent some time today reworking my website a bit. It felt confusing to me before, and was likely confusing to some visitors as well. I have set a “static” homepage, which basically means you will come to a familiar page […]