A Grungy Style Junk Journal

The grungy style is one of my absolute favorite styles to use when creating my art journals. This journal was recently sold, but I wanted to remember every page. This journal has lots of layers, lots of little drawings and grungy marks; it’s a favorite.

In my own grungy junk journal creations, I like to include rusty found objects, bits of corrugated cardboard, cotton fabric scraps in off-white colors. Don’t be afraid to let your brown and black ink run from one page to the next. You can make little sketches and drawings right in the book, or create them on separate pieces of watercolor paper and then glue them in. Write messily or scribble in your journal, even if it’s random marks or illegible cursive letters. I find that the grungy style works very well with tattered paper edges and pages of various sizes folded together.